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Archive for July 2012

Finally a Meathole! 

I had wanted to return to the Monday Meathole show at Gus’s and I was finally asked to come back. I tried out my set with a mix of some old and some new, and I got some laughs out of it, so it was a great set! My only regret was that I had…

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Another Night at Monte’s 

It was back again to the shows, we performed at Monte’s for Funny Fundraisers, and the crowd were a little talkative at first, but as we went along, they were more receptive. We had a great night, and my set was shorter but I still had some great responses.

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A Return to Form 

What you need as a comedian is to have good shows to offset bad ones or ones where you don’t feel you did as well. Sunday at the Company House was the start in the right direction, tonight was another step back. I had a great set tonight at a Funny Fundraiser at Brewsters, and…

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I’m Back at the Company 

I am back blogging since I last posted from the Mike MacDonald show, I hadn’t felt much like adding anything here, but I realize that its all part of the experience so I should return and add it all, good or bad. This experience was one of the good ones. Returning to the Company House…

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