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Archive for August 2012

Knock out the Nerd! 

I was asked to come and perform at the show Knock out the Nerd, my set was hard as there was a bit of talking, but the impressions went over ok, and the best part was my version of Wonderwall was not only well received the crowd actually sang along to the echo part of…

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Company Again 

I had a return to the Company House and again had a set of new material which was based on just me talking, and it went well again, talking about my experience with drugs and why I don’t take them. As a bonus one of the comics Stefan McNeil made a video copy of the…

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HaHa its Laughterburner 

I performed tonight but it was meant to be a special “Greatest Hits” for a friend and her boyfriend who were here to see me. It was a good set, and I had a great night chatting with them and other comics from the club. Things get better.

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