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Archive for August 2013

Aug 21st, 2013

A return to Bearly’s as I’ve been concentrating mostly on classes for Improv and haven’t been doing many stand up gigs during the week, and this night had it’s ups and downs, the show was okay, but there was a table of guys who were not interested in watching the show and talked loudly through…

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Aug 11th, 2013

Here’s something I’m not used to…a Funny Fundraiser in August! Here’s something else I’m not used to…a 100% clean show. We were at the Mic Mac Aquatic club and we were performing for an audience that had adults and children there, which was strange for us but we gave it a go. I was allowed…

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First Sketch Show in Ages

My First Sketch comedy for a long time, probably about 2001 was the last time I did one. In any case, I wrote a monologue about New Wave music presented as the Musical History Professor which was a combination of John Cleese and Magnus Magnusson, and I did good. I got some good laughs out…

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Aug 6th, 2013

At Bearly’s to do a set, I started off with “Stuck in a Closet” then moved on to “Progressive Love Song” which got interrupted because I couldn’t remember the words. But I stopped because I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear the rest, but they did! They asked me to finish the song, which I…

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Aug 4th, 2013

Back to stand up and my first time back to Gus’s since Megan McKay took it over from Merv Hartlen. I was going to try out three new songs, but time constrictions and the fact that I just found the chords to the song tonight meant I just performed the one new song and the…

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