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Archive for December 2013

Dec 17th, 2013

Back to Clay West, and we did a small show, as there was only 4 of us to perform, but man what a show! One of the best shows we’ve ever done there, we had a great set everyone of us, and the Waitress told us of all the shows she’s worked at there, tonight…

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Dec 14th, 2013

I was asked by Mike Chandler to do a small bit at the Taboo Theatre Fundraiser, and he wanted me to do an impression of Larry the Cable Guy reading the poem “Twas the Night Before Xmas – Politically Correct Version” which I got a good response from, and the place was a nice little…

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Dec 11th, 2013

I did a surprise set at Laughterburner, tried out a new character Lawrence Oswald Montague, which was a Posh Gentleman who was doing stand up Comedy for the first time. The character didn’t do so well, but I’m thinking half the reason is I have to dress for the character, otherwise it doesn’t look right.

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Dec 10th, 2013

Geeks Vs. Nerds, this time it’s Doctor Who vs The Flash; who could deliver the most presents for Santa. Although we lost the debate, the laughs we all got were worth more than the competition. I got to do some impressions this time, like Professor Frink and Bubbles and Christopher Walken. I got some nice…

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Dec 3rd, 2015

In Bridgewater for a Christmas show with Marc Sauve, we’re performing for a smorgasboard of local businesses who have booked this show through the Best Western Plus here so they can have their employees night out. We drove out through some pretty bad rain to be here, and that delayed us enough that when we…

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