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Archive for September 2014

Sept 27th, 2014

I needed a boost morally after the show on Thursday, Matt was nice enough to come and tape this show for a better version of the Bubbles impression and was also nice enough to video tape the whole show for us.   The show went well, although some of the crowd had heard some of…

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Sept 25th, 2014

So the plan was I was taping my set thanks to Matt Dagley and he would be submitting it to Swearnet so we could get some feedback from Bubbles himself, Mike Smith.   Plans don’t always work out the way you’d hoped though. During my set I was singing and I heard something behind me…

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Sept 24th, 2014

Another night in Bearly’s and another attempt to make people laugh. I always feel somewhat nervous performing here because this is an audience you have to fight to get their attention. There are some people who are here to see the show, but more of them are just here to eat their burgers and ignore…

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My First Jokes For Jacob

I was asked earlier in the year to do a show outside Moncton, NB in Riverview. I wondered what the show would be like, and if I’d have a good time…it turned out to be an amazing night, we had a great show and I enjoyed myself immensely! I met some great comics and made…

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My First Standing Ovation

Looks can be deceiving, we drove out to Amherst to do a show at the Loch Lomond RV Trailer Park, and when we arrived we got into the place where we were doing the show and there were about 7 people in the place, it was 8:20 and the show started at 08:30. I thought…

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Sept 2nd, 2014

I got to try out some new material at the Lower Deck in Clayton Park, mostly my new Sex on the Brain medley, and it went over well, but my voice is killing me doing the Springsteen parody. Ow. We slowly lost our audience, but I’m convinced that we didn’t lose them due to the…

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