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Archive for December 2014

100 Shows for 2014!!

Tonight’s show was #100!! I made it!! #100 for the year! That’s amazing!   It was a show at Gus’s Pub, and I started off pretty weak, as my guitar needed tuning when I started playing. The thing about having a cold guitar before you go onstage is the strings will tend to move while…

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Dec 19th, 2014

Tonight was the return of Brian MacQuarrie (officially) to the Halifax Comedy Scene, and so there was a show at the Bus Stop Theatre with a number of comedians performing for the audience, we had a great line up, and there was a number of moments that were side splittingly funny. I did great, and…

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The Pickle Blind

Another night at the Grad House in my quest to make 100 shows for the year, this would be #97 and I was sure it wasn’t going to happen. The show usually starts at 8pm and there wasn’t anyone in the place at that time, so I was thinking there would be no show, but…

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Dec 10th, 2014

So I got to Bearly’s and I hate coming and not having anything new to perform, but I had nothing. I sat there before the show and thought I wish I could do a blues song, because this was a blues bar, and the lyric “I got dumped by my girlfriend, she said she was…

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Dec 6th, 2014

Although tonight was in some ways not a very good night, there was something to be said about perception when it comes to describing tonight’s show.   Marc and I were performing a private gig for a Christmas Party at the Pilot’s Pub in Woodside, and Marc was told they had a sound system for…

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