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Archive for January 2015

Jan 21st, 2015

Back at the Grad House, and my set was almost totally made up from new material, and I tried to do my best, but unlike previous nights, it wasn’t one of my best shows here, which is a shame. Part of that I blame on doing a set of totally new material without some old…

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Jan 20th, 2015

Geeks Vs Nerds…it’s been a while, but I missed ya! Its one thing for me to bring out characters during a debate, but this time I stayed in Character the entire time, and that was fun! I was on Team Trailer Park Boys vs Jay & Silent Bob, who was better suited for Suburban Survival.…

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Jan 19th, 2015

At Gus’ Pub tonight and I didn’t want to do my usual Musical comedy, I just wanted to try performing some off the top of my head stuff about relationships and history and things and see where it went. What’s funny is the one thing that got the biggest laughs for me for the night…

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Jan 14th, 2015

Bearly’s tonight, and instead of my usual musical set, I decided to try just some straight up comedy routine stuff to see how it would work. Occasionally when you think of a joke you want to try it out and see if it would fly so you can keep it under your hat for when…

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Jan 10th, 2015

It’s the start of a new year, and a whole new type of show, as I was asked by Tanar Repchull to perform in a show at Jacob’s Lounge on the 10th of January, and this would be as part of a Hip Hop show, which I was kind of nervous about, but the thing…

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