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Archive for February 2015

The Night of Drunky McDrunkmouth

So I was asked to headline a show in Moncton for the support of Blind Sports, and I was excited to do so. I’ve liked performing in New Brunswick and I rarely get up there to do any shows, so this was going to be fun! The real adventure wasn’t what I realized was to…

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Feb 18th, 2015

I was added to tonight’s Laughterburner by Paul Doucette at the last minute, which was nice of him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I had some idea of something I wanted to do about languages, but I wanted to start off with something fun, so at the last minute I decided…

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Feb 17th, 2015

Another Geeks Vs Nerds, and as much as I’ve enjoyed doing these shows, I have to admit that this one was the best of all of them. We were debating Bender Vs. Archer, which employee is the bigger liability, and I decided to do the debate as Professor Farnsworth. I had hoped to have a…

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The Miramichi Valentine’s Snowstorm Massacre

My first time in Miramichi NB, and it was a very fun one! I drove out with Chanel and her Boyfriend Tim and we left early Saturday morning so we could get to the hotel and I could rest up before the show. I’ve been ill the last few days, and hadn’t slept much the…

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Feb 7th, 2015

Tonight we were at the Waverly Legion to do a show, and although I did a show here last year, the mix of new and old material was welcomed with open arms and laughter, so that made me feel at ease. I was worried before the show because the night before I’d done a show…

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Feb 6th, 2015

Tonight was an adventure, but the adventure had nothing to do with the show as much as it had to do with the travel around it.   I was invited to perform at the Timberlea Beverage Room by Andrew Evans, who had booked two shows tonight, the other was in Dartmouth and was going to…

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