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Archive for December 2015

Dec 23rd, 2015

I thought the last show would be my last, but this ended up being my last show of the year, and I was scheduled to come onstage at Bearly’s and do a set, but I wanted to keep to my idea that I would be coming as a character, and so I brought back The…

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Dec 18th, 2015

My last show for 2015, and an amazing year it has been, so tonight is sort of a revisit from a group of shows I did about 4 years ago, when the Rodeo Club were having comedy nights there every Wednesday in 2011. Back then the club was in a huge space in an industrial…

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Dec 12th, 2015 (Show 2)

In our last blog entry, I mentioned we were performing two shows in Moncton on this night as part of the Mid Life Crisis Comedy shows. The second show was in the Dieppe area, and we were performing at a house in the basement as part of a Christmas Party for a lovely group of…

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Dec 12th, 2015 (Show 1)

Tonight is part of a doubleheader, Scott Campagna invited me to perform at Cosmos in Moncton as part of the Mid Life Crisis comedy show with Glen K. Amo and Neal Mundle, and it was a small but mighty crowd there to see us perform.   My set went very well, I threw in a…

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Dec 5th, 2015

My friend Scott Campagna was nice enough to recommend me to a group in Grande-Digue New Brunswick to perform at their Staff Christmas party, and I contacted them and we arranged for me to come up and do 30 minutes or so at their party before the band took over.   I got there with…

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Dec 4th, 2015

We’re off to Yarmouth to perform, and for the first time in ages, I’m not the one driving so I’m able to relax and enjoy the view…sadly though, even though we’re taking the northern route on the 101 to get there, I’m not able to see much because it gets dark early at this time…

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