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Archive for September 2016

Varsity Laughs is Back!

Varsity Laughs is back, and I’m back. I brought my guitar to perform, and as I’ve mentioned before University Students are fickle to perform for. We didn’t have a huge group, there was about 9 to 10 people there, and there were three women in the front row, who left after my set. I could…

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The Liscomb Lodge Show

Doing a show with Adam Christie out in Liscomb Lodge, I’ve never been here before and it’s a long trip from Halifax, I brought Lauren with us as she’s never been out here and as she’ll be leaving for Vancouver soon it’s nice to take her on a road trip to see the coast. (Lauren…

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Laughterburner Agoon

In to perform at Laughterburner, I’m trying out the Sex Ed Medley I came up with, and I think it did pretty good. I was going to perform it with LaBamba, then Cocaine and then Sweet Emotions, but I couldn’t get the Aerosmith song to work, I can play it but can’t sing it at…

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Sept 3rd, 2016

Day three and I have enjoyed this week, I had hoped that there would be some partying or even some hanging out after the show, but sadly everyone had already had their fill for the week, so I just went home. Thus is the life of a Comedian…huzzah.

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Sep 2nd, 2016

Second show of the week, and the hits just keep on coming, we had another good crowd and another good night. There’s not much else I can say about that. Except maybe…well…no…no…I can’t talk about that…but maybe…no…   Can you tell I’m just trying to fill space? (cough)

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