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Archive for November 2016

Last Day of the Sunee Days

Tonight, is the last night at the Halifax club, and the show was sold out, so that’s exciting…the lineup at the bar is huge, that’s disconcerting…and the crowd is already shouting and whooping…that’s scary. But the night went very well, so I was concerned for nothing. My set started off funny, I did the Carey…

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Day Two of the Sunee Days

Day two and there’s a nice crowd again, but tonight I’m going to be going back to the regular set, as they’re a bit more boisterous tonight and may not be up for new material. The show went well, we had a good response from the audience, and I had some fun putting some jokes…

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Day One of the Sunee Days

First night at the club for the week, working with Andrew Evans and Sunee Dhaliwal for the next three days and hoping to have a great set each night. For tonight we have a fairly good crowd, but they’re fairly quiet so I’m going to try some new bits to see how they work, starting…

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Long Gap in Between Gus’ing

At Gus’ pub for a comedy night, my first successful one since January, as the only other time I’d managed to book time the show was cancelled that night sadly. So I brought the guitar and didn’t really have any new songs to play, but they were newer to the show, as I’d never played…

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Bearly a Laugh This Time…but just the new stuff

A Show at Bearly’s and no guitar this time, I’m doing voices and wanted to try out two new jokes I’d written for voices, one about ghosts having eerie voices and another about stereotypes and how they affect our perceptions. Neither one did very well so I went back to the standard jokes which did…

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Finally Get to Sing About Ian’s Pants!

I’m here at the Toothy Moose, and for the first time since I wrote the song about the incident with the two muggers and Ian’s Pants I finally had the chance to sing it at the Goofy Moose show in front of Ian himself. The song went over very well and it was fun to…

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