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Archive for January 2018

New Song with No Guitar

I’m at the Goofy Moose tonight, and there’s some new stuff I’m working on that I can’t wait to get the music set to, so after I do the new jokes I’ve been working on about self depreciation and how I’m a nice guy, I do an a Capella version of the new song I’ve…

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Can’t Make Fun of Myself

In to Yuk Yuk’s Halifax and here to do a guest spot so I’m just going to try out some new material I’ve been working on, dating jokes and such. And guess what? It turns out I got more awws than haw haws, so that means that I can’t do these jokes anymore, the audience…

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Ain’t No Snow Keeps Us Slow

At Bearly’s for the night, and I’ve brought the 12-string guitar with me because I hardly ever play it these days, so it’s nice for a change of pace. Nothing new or original tonight, it was just get out and be seen and have some fun. The weather was the star of the night, there…

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Angry Carey is Funny Carey

Trying something new again, as it’s always good to keep trying new things, so tonight I’ve decided to try out some variations on material I’ve been working on, which is about inventing things like the paedophile vest and the turn signal improvements, and then added in a new one about putting odours into drugs and…

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First Show of 2018: Stormblocked

What a rough few days! The middle act Nick Martinello and I left Halifax on Wednesday night, as we knew the weather report called for some severe winds and storms Thursday and rather than take a longer trip to Saint John we left the day before to ensure we’d arrive and if there was a…

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