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Archive for June 2019

That’s a Big Axe

Off to Nackawic, NB to perform at the Big Axe Brewery with Jason Allen and it was an epic journey to get there and another epic journey to get home, which doesn’t detract from the show but it does add a dimension to the story; I left Halifax around 10am because this was going to…

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Half of What I Wanted to Do

Doing the Yuk’s Pro-Am night and I have some new material to try out, but the best laid plans of comics can be changed at the last minute. Before I go onstage I’m sitting watching the audience and trying to gauge if the audience is laughing enough or not, so I’m deciding my material before…

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Halifax Day 3 of 3; Killing with Kindness

The last night of the three at Yuk’s and there’s another large crowd and another reason to have a good time tonight. The best part about tonight is with a large enough crowd I get to have fun riffing and unlike the last two nights there’s material and people have given me reasons to talk…

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Halifax Day 2 of 3; The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Day two of shows at Halifax Yuk Yuks and we have a large crowd and we’re going to have a lot of fun. For tonight I try switching things up and putting different songs in for a change and see how they work out, because you don’t want to do the same set every night.…

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Halifax Day 1 of 3; the Mike Rita Shows

Doing a show at Yuk Yuk’s in Halifax, working with Mike Rita whom I’ve never met before and am looking forward to seeing him perform! There was a small crowd tonight but they’re looking forwards to a comedy show, and uh…we’re going to uh…do one? Yes, that’s what we’re going to do, and we done…

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