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Archive for July 2019

We’ve Got a Barn…Let’s Put on a Show!!

Where were you born? In a barn? No, can’t say that I was, but I can say I’ve done a show in one! Tonight I’m in Upper Kennetcook at a campground called Shenanigans where I’m performing with Andrew Evans and Ian Black. The trip there was uneventful and we found the campground with no idea…

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No Power, No Guitar, No Plan

Tonight after the two days of Bainfest I’m performing in a club at Sniggly Wiggly’s, my plan was to bring my guitar and try out the new material I wrote that I tried out in Yuk’s the week before, but after I got home today I unpacked my car, put everything away and had a…

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Bainfest Day 2

It’s Bainfest and it’s day 2. I get my schedule for the day and unlike last night I’m much earlier in the show than Friday, last night I was between the Penultimate act, Christine Campbell and the Final Act the Mellotones (who I might add were equally amazing and started their set with “Soul Finger”…

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Bainfest and Confessed (NSFW)

Tonight is day 1 of 2 for Bainfest, a small music festival in Marshville, Nova Scotia. Fellow Comedian Andrew Evans had invited me and Ian Black to perform at the festival which he performed at the year before with Andrew Vaughan, and he had such a great time last year he’s come this year to…

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Mondegreen Means Go

Back at the Pro/Am for Yuk’s in Halifax, and tonight I want to try out the new material that I had ready for the last time I was here and see if it works or not. If you hadn’t read my entry for the last time I was here I had changed my song lineup…

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