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Archive for August 2019

Recording Trouble Part 3

Last night of the three and this crowd is one of those weird ones that seem to work together as a group, they will all either laugh at something or not laugh at it as an entire group, and if they do laugh it’s like a short burst and then stop. I don’t know if…

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Recording Trouble Part 2

Day two of the shows at Halifax Yuk’s and I’m just as excited as the night before, we have another great crowd and they are so eager to laugh it’s beyond amazing! Almost every line gets a laugh and we are basking in the glory! My only downside from the night was my Sony MP3…

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Recording Trouble Part 1

First of three shows this weekend with Neal Mundle and Garrett Clark and the club is having a show tonight as a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so we’re performing in front of a crowd looking forwards to jokes and having a good time for a good cause! We start off the show and this…

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New Song, Old Jitters

Nothing makes me more nervous than when I’m debuting a new bit on stage, especially when I’m not sure how it’s going to be perceived by the crowd. These days when you write material, I think mainly for myself as I can’t speak for other comics, I want to make sure I’m not saying something…

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