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Technology…it’s a cursed blessing…

By Carey Lee | Apr 13, 2019

Final show at Yuk’s in Halifax and the place is packed and they’re a happy crowd and eager to hear some comedy, which you can tell because they’re not screaming out insane and stupid comments every few minutes! No, this is a good crowd, they’re listening, they’re laughing and they’re enjoying themselves. My crowd work…

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Learn…always Learn

By Carey Lee | Apr 12, 2019

Second show at the Halifax Yuk Yuk’s and I’m glad that tonight has worked out better than the night before and the night before that! I’m hoping that tomorrow night will continue the trend and be the best of all four nights. We had an awesome crowd and one of the things I think worked…

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From Funny to Serious in One Night

By Carey Lee | Apr 11, 2019

From last night’s show to tonight’s show, things are much better. It’s not a huge crowd but it’s a fun crowd and they are definitely into the show a lot more. I do a bit of crowd work, but then it’s off to the races and I do my set material. By the time I…

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The Saga of Suck-a-Dick Steve

By Carey Lee | Apr 10, 2019

Some days you do comedy and you think you can take on any audience and then some nights like tonight you realize you can’t. No matter how hard you try to get them on your side or get them to behave you can’t change people’s opinions or minds on things. Tonight, I was Emcee for…

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Back to Voices (But not the ones in my head)

By Carey Lee | Apr 4, 2019

Doing a guest spot tonight, and it’s without my guitar because I wanted to try out some new items which don’t require one. I wanted to do the new 3 stages of being divorced set and worked out better what Gollem/Smeagol says on stage so I had a better idea what he says and did…

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On the Road with Mark Walker

By Carey Lee | Mar 30, 2019

Tonight’s show is in Shelburne Nova Scotia, and it’s for a Firefighter’s banquet with Mark Walker, and just the two of us are going to be performing for the night in a Fire Hall. The show was a great night for us both, we got some great laughs and they were telling us afterwards how…

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Old Song Shorter Version

By Carey Lee | Mar 16, 2019

Last night of the weekend at Yuk’s and I’m looking forwards to this show, the place is packed and I’m ready to go. The crowd was amazing, and they loved everything we did, we had a total 180 from Thursday where they hardly laughed at anything to tonight where they pretty much laughed at everything…

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New Song And Everybody Listened

By Carey Lee | Mar 15, 2019

Second night at Yuks this weekend and a much bigger and more boisterous crowd, so this is going to be fun! I brought out the new song I’d wanted to play the night before, but it was a weird reaction because they kind of just listened to me play it, but then they gave a…

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A Dentist Crowd

By Carey Lee | Mar 14, 2019

Doing the first of three nights here at the Halifax Yuk’s Club and I’m debating doing my new snow song tonight or not, because the crowd is small, I don’t know if I want to try something that may not get the reception that justifies testing out new material. On one hand they are a…

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