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I Had to Leave Early 🙁

By Carey Lee | Feb 25, 2020

Here I am tonight performing at Oasis Pub, and I’m the bullet which means that I am first up after the host so I’m basically taking on the audience at the beginning when they’re barely warmed up, but while some would consider that a hard task to do, I don’t mind because the one thing…

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A Bit About the Other Comics

By Carey Lee | Feb 15, 2020

Last day of the weekend for shows and I’m having to host another SOLD OUT show, why? It could be because this is a Valentine’s weekend, but it’s actually more about our headliner I think, Travis Lindsay who I am predicting will be a huge act in the next few years and will be someone…

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Valentine’s (UGH) Day Show

By Carey Lee | Feb 14, 2020

It’s Valentine’s Day! And I could care less!! Fuck Valentine’s Day! But I have a show to do, and guess what? It’s SOLD OUT!! So we have an awesome show to do and let’s get to her! I had a great time during the opening and tried to get the crowd going which I managed…

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Should We or Shouldn’t We?

By Carey Lee | Feb 13, 2020

So it’s the first of three shows for the week, and lucky me it’s Valentine’s Weekend which next to Christmas is one of my least favourite holidays, so we’re doing a show for the night and we have a few people who are somewhat chatty but seem to know when to talk and when not…

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Just a Hosting Job

By Carey Lee | Feb 12, 2020

It’s the Pro-Am night at Yuk’s and I am the host for the show so that means that I do a bit of comedy at the start but then I spend the rest of the night just brining up the next act to the stage because with so many comics I really don’t have time…

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Tried a New Song A Capella

By Carey Lee | Feb 10, 2020

My first time at Gus’s Pub since 2018, it’s not very often I get out to perform here, as I am always working on a Monday it’s hard to get the time to perform and it’s also hard to perform here after working two twelve hour shifts the two days before, but I made myself…

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Played the One I Forgot

By Carey Lee | Feb 4, 2020

At the Oasis Pub for the night, I’m going to try “I Can’t Be Lonely” seeing as I couldn’t remember it at Yuk’s last week, and see how it works out. So it kind of works out but after I sat down I realized I screwed up the last verse and chorus by combining them…

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Tried for 2, Forgot 1

By Carey Lee | Jan 29, 2020

Doing the Pro-Am tonight, which means I’m trying out some new songs to see if they work, and tonight I’m not only playing the guitar but I’m playing the harmonica as well because I’m doing a parody Bob Dylan style tonight, a song I wrote with the title of my album “The Age of Senility”…

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Sunday Night Tryout

By Carey Lee | Jan 19, 2020

I’m at Sniggly Wiggly’s tonight, and I’ve got a new song to try out and see how it works, I wrote a song I call my dating history and I wanted to see if it is funny enough to keep or a waste of time. So that was my first song and it got a…

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