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Young Frogs Don’t Get Them All

By Carey Lee | May 6, 2019

 Doing a set at the Fickle Frog tonight, the new venue opened up by Chanel Freire for Comedy Open Mics. I was originally booked to headline, but due to the late start and the addition of a Yuk’s Comic from Toronto I was asked to switch up which I did gladly, as much as I…

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Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be

By Carey Lee | Apr 27, 2019

I barely get the chance to perform in Moncton. When it comes to New Brunswick, I have mostly been asked to perform in Saint John, and occasionally Miramichi or Fredericton or even St. Andrews. When I first started out here in the Maritimes I was occasionally performing in Moncton and it was a fun trip…

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Dope Joke Bro

By Carey Lee | Apr 21, 2019

Doing a set at Sniggly Wiggly’s tonight, and I’m tired, but that’s okay because most of my best nights have been when I’m tired. Haha! I worked a 12 hour shift all day, so coming to do the show afterwards can be a task, especially when I had also worked a 12 hour shift the…

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Taking a Tip From Mrs. Maisel

By Carey Lee | Apr 19, 2019

A guest spot at Yuk’s tonight and I’m performing without my guitar again because I have worked on some material and I wanted to try it out and fine tune it to see if it’s working. It’s funny to say this, but I’ve been watching the show “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and I noted that during…

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Technology…it’s a cursed blessing…

By Carey Lee | Apr 13, 2019

Final show at Yuk’s in Halifax and the place is packed and they’re a happy crowd and eager to hear some comedy, which you can tell because they’re not screaming out insane and stupid comments every few minutes! No, this is a good crowd, they’re listening, they’re laughing and they’re enjoying themselves. My crowd work…

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Learn…always Learn

By Carey Lee | Apr 12, 2019

Second show at the Halifax Yuk Yuk’s and I’m glad that tonight has worked out better than the night before and the night before that! I’m hoping that tomorrow night will continue the trend and be the best of all four nights. We had an awesome crowd and one of the things I think worked…

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From Funny to Serious in One Night

By Carey Lee | Apr 11, 2019

From last night’s show to tonight’s show, things are much better. It’s not a huge crowd but it’s a fun crowd and they are definitely into the show a lot more. I do a bit of crowd work, but then it’s off to the races and I do my set material. By the time I…

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The Saga of Suck-a-Dick Steve

By Carey Lee | Apr 10, 2019

Some days you do comedy and you think you can take on any audience and then some nights like tonight you realize you can’t. No matter how hard you try to get them on your side or get them to behave you can’t change people’s opinions or minds on things. Tonight, I was Emcee for…

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Back to Voices (But not the ones in my head)

By Carey Lee | Apr 4, 2019

Doing a guest spot tonight, and it’s without my guitar because I wanted to try out some new items which don’t require one. I wanted to do the new 3 stages of being divorced set and worked out better what Gollem/Smeagol says on stage so I had a better idea what he says and did…

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