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Tried for 2, Forgot 1

By Carey Lee | Jan 29, 2020

Doing the Pro-Am tonight, which means I’m trying out some new songs to see if they work, and tonight I’m not only playing the guitar but I’m playing the harmonica as well because I’m doing a parody Bob Dylan style tonight, a song I wrote with the title of my album “The Age of Senility”…

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Sunday Night Tryout

By Carey Lee | Jan 19, 2020

I’m at Sniggly Wiggly’s tonight, and I’ve got a new song to try out and see how it works, I wrote a song I call my dating history and I wanted to see if it is funny enough to keep or a waste of time. So that was my first song and it got a…

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Road Trip and Pizza

By Carey Lee | Jan 18, 2020

Tonight I drove to Moncton in order to perform at the comedy club Hell’s Basement, and performing there is an awesome experience. For the most part whenever you go to a club to perform you are performing in a bar, and people will come in off the street, maybe not exactly interested in comedy, but…

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A Quick Set at Bearly’s

By Carey Lee | Jan 15, 2020

2nd show of the new year and I’m at Bearly’s, bringing my guitar and trying out a variation on an old bit, for the longest time I’ve done the impressions of TV and Movie characters being rock stars, and I always want to make things interesting and add more things to it, so first off…

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First Show of 2020

By Carey Lee | Jan 8, 2020

First show of 2020 and it was a last-minute addition, as there is a storm outside and a few comics had to cancel from the show at Yuk’s for the Pro-Am night, so I was offered a spot and I accepted. I also was asked to bring one of the comics in with me, which…

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Last Show of 2019

By Carey Lee | Dec 21, 2019

It’s December and it’s the last show of the year for me, there’s no plans to perform until January so this is it until then. And if there was ever a good show to end the year on, this is it; I was given the opportunity to travel to Sussex, New Brunswick and join Darren…

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New Stuff and Such

By Carey Lee | Dec 4, 2019

Back at Yuk’s for the Pro-Am and I have two songs to try out that I have just written recently and want to try them out again; the That’s Entertainment Parody and the bondage song. I had originally planned to do Bubbles but realized time is a factor, so I changed Bubbles for the Bondage…

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Nov 30th Show 2 of 2

By Carey Lee | Nov 30, 2019

The second of two shows for the night and after the first crowd things are different this time around. I started doing my crowd work and the crowd is not laughing or seeming to enjoy it as much as the first crowd. Could it be that they’re too tired? Could it be my material? No…

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Nov 30th Show 1 of 2

By Carey Lee | Nov 30, 2019

One show of two tonight, we’ve got a back to back show situation here! This first show is sold out, with a packed house of about 150 people all here to see the show and have some fun, and we are not about to disappoint them, so we hit the stage and from start to…

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