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I Know Why I’m Here…Why Are You?

By Carey Lee | Oct 26, 2019

Last show of the night in London, and the last show for the weekend and the crowd is smaller than the previous one, but that’s not going to stop us from putting on a great show for these people…the only thing that is putting us off is we waited for a large table of 15…

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Your Offensive Is Offending Me…

By Carey Lee | Oct 26, 2019

First show of the night between two for Saturday night, and I’m hoping things go better than last night, and they do. For the most part the crowd is laughing more at things, there’s more interaction and I’m not doing the same things I did the night before, which I mentioned in the previous blog…

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I Have to Stop…

By Carey Lee | Oct 25, 2019

First night back in London Ontario’s Yuk Yuk’s since last year and the show is sold out! Turned out to be the facility has got two fundraisers on tonight, so the club has sold out all it’s tickets and the audience are here to laugh…or so I thought. But as the night goes on it…

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A Matter of Perception

By Carey Lee | Oct 23, 2019

Okay, so tonight I’m performing at the Yuk Yuk’s downtown in Toronto and I’m actually surprised to be here. When I booked these shows in Ontario a few months ago I had forgotten I’d asked for Toronto both trips and when I arrived in Ontario on Tuesday the 22nd I got an email detailing the…

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Personal Blog Entry – Driving

By Carey Lee | Oct 21, 2019

This week I will be driving from Halifax to Ontario to perform in shows in London, at the Yuk’s club there in the city. When people hear that I am driving all the way there and back, they usually say things like “You’re crazy, why drive when you can fly and be there faster?” or…

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Pro-Am Emcee Thoughts

By Carey Lee | Oct 16, 2019

I’m emcee tonight at the Pro-Am at the Halifax Yuk Yuks, and we have a few new comics we don’t normally have, which is great, it’s always awesome to see comedians get up for the first time to do comedy and even better to see them do well, and that was what we saw tonight.…

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Same Set Different Night

By Carey Lee | Oct 12, 2019

Doing a guest spot at Yuk’s tonight, and as I did earlier in the week I’m working on the two songs I’ve been performing at open mics the last two weeks, “Too Drunk to Fuck” and “Bondage Porn Song” and this is the clincher for the test, because this is a comedy show in a…

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Comedy as Therapy

By Carey Lee | Oct 8, 2019

Doing a set at the Oasis Tuesday Night Comedy open mic, the first time I’ve been here since the mic has changed hands and been taken over by Matt Ryan and Dave Sears, and I show up and take the bullet, which means in Comedy Terms I’m going first. Unlike most comedy shows, the host…

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A Bit That Was a Bit More Personal

By Carey Lee | Oct 3, 2019

So I walked down to Yuk Yuk’s with the idea of just watching the show, dressing down and not expecting to do anything. But when I realized there was an extra guest spot available I jumped at the chance and took it, so here I go; I wasn’t sure what to talk about, so I…

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