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Back at Chuckles Part 2

By Carey Lee | Feb 23, 2019

Day two at Chuckles, and a Saturday Night to boot! The crowd is really into the show and it’s a fun place to be! I’m having a good night and the jokes are flying fast and furious! I do mostly parodies tonight and stay away from originals because I’m trying to keep the show going,…

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Back at Chuckles Part 1

By Carey Lee | Feb 22, 2019

Tonight is the first night of three shows at Chuckles in Saint John, and I’m looking forwards to it! There are normally just two shows on a weekend, one on Friday and another on Saturday, but the headliner is so beloved here in Saint John, James Mullinger that he’s Sold Out both nights and they…

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New Set New Impressions

By Carey Lee | Feb 19, 2019

Doing a set tonight at Sniggly Wiggly’s and I wanted to try out some new material that isn’t guitar orientated, so I’m sans Guitar tonight. My major new item is trying out a trio of impressions describing how dating has been for me since I’ve moved here to Halifax, and the thought behind it was…

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What’s With My Voice?

By Carey Lee | Feb 15, 2019

I’m in Shelburne tonight, and this was a show I did last year and had an amazing time at, sadly this year although the audience told us afterwards how much they enjoyed the show, for me all I could focus on were the people at the bar who talked so loudly during the show that…

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Oasis Valentine’s Dayze

By Carey Lee | Feb 12, 2019

At the Oasis again, and I wanted to do two songs that I think are connected to Valentine’s Day which is later this week; My Viagra parody and my song I wrote about my love for Actress Heather Graham, both went over okay, I think I got more laughs for Heather Graham than Viagra, but…

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Show Two of Two in One Night

By Carey Lee | Jan 29, 2019

Off to the Loose Cannon to do the 2nd of two shows, and I’m sitting waiting for the chance to perform. I was told the fellow who is performing right after I got in will be ahead of me, and then I get to perform so I get my guitar set up and am waiting…

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Show One of Two in One Night

By Carey Lee | Jan 29, 2019

Starting off the night with one of two shows, first off I’m at the Oasis for the recently returned open mic and I had a funny callback joke to perform because the host of the show, Chanel Freire has been staying at my apartment and she did a joke about being sexually frustrated so she…

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Did it Right This Time…

By Carey Lee | Jan 27, 2019

Doing a set at the Goofy Moose show tonight and I wanted to try those Xmas songs again, this time tonight I did the songs in the right register and felt I did a better version than on Friday night. All in all it was a fun night, I did my Bubbles Weed Song as…

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Limited Time Offer Song

By Carey Lee | Jan 25, 2019

Doing a guest spot tonight at the Halifax Yuk’s as I have written a new song parody I wanted to try out, it occurred to me that we have a ton of songs about Xmas but we don’t have a ton of songs about after Xmas, so I took three songs and made parodies of…

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