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Dec 12th, 2012

By Carey Lee | Dec 12, 2012

This was my first competition since I did the one for Yuks back in 2011, and I did pretty good. Although I lost to David Burke, it was for good reason as David did a great job and deserved to win. I was exclaimed as the 2nd place winner, and enjoy having tried and gotten…

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First Overnight Stay During an Overnight Gig

By Carey Lee | Dec 7, 2012

For the first time in these last few years I have been performing I actually did a stay overnight, which was breaking my road gig cherry so to speak. The show was in Sackville, NB for the Town of Sackville’s appreciation dinner, and the crowd was odd for us because there was this back and…

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Dec 01st, 2012

By Carey Lee | Dec 1, 2012

This was one of those shows where the audience was hard to read, they were laughing but were hard to get started. I had good response with the musical stuff but then it cooled down for the rest of my set. Everyone had a bizarre night.

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First Time I Kept the Guitar in my Hands Through a Set

By Carey Lee | Nov 30, 2012

I had a change of habit for the night, we were doing a packed show at Brewsters and Marc asked me to try something different, to just do the songs and impressions and not set the guitar down for the entire set. I did and it was a great set, I had a great time…

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Nov 28th, 2012

By Carey Lee | Nov 28, 2012

I went to Bearly’s to have a go at being on stage there again as always, it wasn’t a great set, but it was my time to be first up and bite the bullet, which I did. I didn’t get a lot of laughs, but I did my best and what little laughs I did…

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Nov 23rd, 2012 (2 of 2)

By Carey Lee | Nov 23, 2012

After I’d finished at Brewsters, I made my way to the Oasis Pub on Spring Garden Road, to perform a quick set there for Jeff Cogswell, my friend who also happens to be the Morning Drive DJ at Live 105 here in Halifax (name dropping? Yes, I’m all about that) I hit the stage and…

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Nov 23rd, 2012 (1 of 2)

By Carey Lee | Nov 23, 2012

It was a lightly packed house at Brewsters but we had a nice time. The crowd took a while to warm up to us, but by the time my set had finished, they were happy and laughing and that’s what counts. But again, I must be getting stale because I could hear someone in the…

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My First Geeks Vs Nerds!

By Carey Lee | Nov 20, 2012

This was my first attempt at Geeks Vs. Nerds, so I wasn’t sure how I would do, but I didn’t do too bad. I didn’t win, but then I didn’t suck either, so that was what counted for me. I was supposed to be debating Shadowfax the Horse against Twinkle Sparkle from My Little Pony,…

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Nov 17th, 2012

By Carey Lee | Nov 17, 2012

Whenever I try out new material, I always feel very nervous…sometimes trying something new in the set can screw up the momentum that you’re building and drop the set flat and it’s a struggle to bring it back up. So with that in mind, I tried some new musical material at the beginning of my…

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