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Bearly Made it Through 

By Carey Lee | Jun 6, 2012

Back at Bearly’s after about a two month absence, due to the new work schedule, and jumped back on stage. It was a good set, I tried two new bits out that got a half and half response, so I will keep one and dump the other. Didn’t get much time on stage, but then…

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Have Some Company With Your House? 

By Carey Lee | May 27, 2012

This was a first for me, I did a set at the Company House for Bill Wood of Picnicface, where the show was set up for comedy and Bill does an interview with the comics before their set. I like that little quirk, and I think it helps relax some of the more nervous comics,…

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Funny that we Fundraised?

By Carey Lee | May 17, 2012

(you know, up until now I’ve been talking about shows and everyone’s sets. I hate to be selfish, but to be honest I think from now on it’s up to me to just talk about my sets. I really don’t think its my business to judge or comment on anyone else’s work but mine, so…

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On the Edge of Town, There’s a Place… 

By Carey Lee | Apr 28, 2012

…and it’s called Porter’s Lake I drove out there with Bill Wood, Brian Macquarrie and Andie Bullman, and we met Marc Sauve at the Porter’s Lake Pub. There was a great crowd but rowdy, and some of the sets were interrupted with heckles and shouts from the audience. Andie did a nice set, but sadly…

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Back To School for Jeff! 

By Carey Lee | Apr 14, 2012

  We travelled a long distance to do a show this time, 4 of us in the car Marc Sauve, Jeff Cogswell, Bill Wood and myself, all the way to Sackville New Brunswick, which was actually a sort of 20 year reunion for Jeff who used to go to this school. We had an interesting…

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A Treat to Enjoy With Blues Ribs

By Carey Lee | Apr 11, 2012

  Did a show on the stage at Bearly’s House of Blues and Ribs…but not Blue Ribs. 😀 It was a fun show, with such a huge crowd of people and Comedians there. There was some interesting things, with Marc Hartlen performing with a Guitar and amp which was fun, and a few comics I…

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Back on the Shows 

By Carey Lee | Mar 31, 2012

  Finally back on the stage! We had a fun show at Monte’s Last night, great sets from Marc, Mark, Paul, Gavin, Bill and myself. It was a great crowd and we got a nice response, they seemed reluctant to laugh at first but as the night went on they were enjoying the jokes more…

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There are Highs…then there are lows…

By Carey Lee | Mar 25, 2012

  And everything balances out in CAMEDY.. This morning Marc and I were on CTV Morning Live to speak about Funny Fundraisers and promote upcoming shows, and I came on as Bubbles to sing the “Donut Places” song. The mic crapped out at first for me, but I didn’t mind and kept going. The host…

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Double Headed to Trouble 

By Carey Lee | Mar 9, 2012

Tonight’s set was confusing, I started out with the understanding I was going to be performing at the Rodeo club, but ended up starting at the Stadcona Base Sea Room instead. I went with Brian Aylward and started the show for him, with the added bonus that my Guitar was plugged in for the first…

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