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Bearly’s Knew I was Coming 

By Carey Lee | Mar 7, 2012

  Sometimes in Comedy you don’t know you’re going to be doing a show, tonight was such a case, as I knew I was going to go see the show tonight at Bearly’s but didn’t know I was going to be on it. Once I found out I headed to the show and had a…

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We Dun Drove to Fredericton! 

By Carey Lee | Feb 18, 2012

Tonight’s show was brought to you courtesy of Insomnia! Poor Marc! I drove out there with him to do a show in Fredericton, having gotten very little sleep myself from the night before, by the time we battled snow storms through to Moncton I was spent and Marc had to drive us there and drive…

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A Quiet Leetle Show

By Carey Lee | Feb 16, 2012

  Tonight was what I will call a Quiet little show. Paul Warford, Brian Aylward and Marc Sauve and another comic who’s name escapes me and I feel badly about it. (sorry) We did the show at the Rodeo for a table. Literally a table. There was a group to see the show from the…

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Friday Night and we Made Ringette People Laugh 

By Carey Lee | Jan 27, 2012

  Tonight was another Funny Fundraiser with Marc, Paul, Brian and I. Despite the miserable rainy weather we had a full packed house, with about 240 people there, who all enjoyed our jokes and funny insights. I didn’t go over as well as I would have liked, but that was fair enough because enough people…

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Thursday Was a Rodeo, so it’s a Throdeoday 

By Carey Lee | Jan 26, 2012

  So this time there was a show at the Rodeo which was also a benefit for Cheer Nova Scotia, which supports Cheerleading in the province. One of the comics working the show, Kevin MacDougall was on hand as this is dear to his heart especially having two daughters. Kevin had some new material tonight…

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The Night After Brewsters…it’s Brewsters again!

By Carey Lee | Jan 21, 2012

Compared to the night before, tonight’s show was less full but still a lot of fun. We were spoiled with the crowd that showed up on the Friday night, as we had close to 200, whereas tonight we had up to about 40 at the most. They still laughed and we still had good response,…

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The Big Ole’ Brewster Show 

By Carey Lee | Jan 20, 2012

Wow! Huge crowd at the show tonight, which was a great experience. We probably had about 200 people there and we got a great response from the crowd. We had Marc Sauve as host, along with Paul Warford, Brian Aylward and myself and we all had amazing sets getting tons of laughs and applause. Sadly…

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A few shows to bring you up to date… 

By Carey Lee | Jan 13, 2012

  Wow…do I ever feel stupid…I just meant to type up some reviews of my shows and instead of hitting the right button I hit add entry which just wiped out what I had already wrote. So now I’m starting this over again…damn. Anyways, welcome to the New Year! A few shows to review here…

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Last Show of 2011 

By Carey Lee | Dec 26, 2011

  On Wednesday the 21st I performed at what will be the last show for this year, where I was onstage at the Rodeo with Brian McQuarrie, Gerry Farmer, Daniel Hayes, Jeff Cogswell and a new comic just starting out for the first time Jason McConnery who did a great set for his first ever…

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