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Sackville Dooley’s Show 

By Carey Lee | Oct 23, 2011

  So last night we did a show in Sackville at the Dooley’s at Beaver Bank and Sackville Rd. As always with this show, it’s a huge crowd that shows up, but sadly there’s a group that aren’t there to pay attention to the show so they talk through the whole thing and spoil it…

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Had An Audition Today…

By Carey Lee | Oct 21, 2011

It was for an internet app for mobile phones, they were very impressed with my impressions of Animal from the Muppet Show and ‘Tater from Cars, which was what they asked me to do. Hopefully this will translate into some work for me! Keep your fingers crossed! Carey

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Rodeo Show

By Carey Lee | Oct 20, 2011

Good Morning All and welcome to my first Blog on my website! A few things I wanted to put in here for the first ever entry; I will sometimes use this to put in some of my thoughts on various topics when the mood strikes me, but mostly this is a place for me to…

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