Last day of the weekend for shows and I’m having to host another SOLD OUT show, why? It could be because this is a Valentine’s weekend, but it’s actually more about our headliner I think, Travis Lindsay who I am predicting will be a huge act in the next few years and will be someone you wish you had been to see before he got big. That being said I have a job to do and warm this crowd up and get them ready because we have a lot of comics on tonight to perform.

I do my best and the show goes off well and we just did a fantastic job making people laugh and at the end of the night we had a ton of compliments and it was a great end to a great weekend. It was nice not only working with Travis, but also Shane Ogden, who has been taking a break from stand up to concentrate on his own club he runs with Julie Tower in Saint John, they’ve moved from their original location in Rothsay to Uptown Saint John and the club looks fantastic! So it was nice to see Shane doing some stand-up and not just managing for a change!

So that’s this weekend done. Thanks Yuk’s for another string of awesome shows!

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