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A Matter of Perception

Okay, so tonight I’m performing at the Yuk Yuk’s downtown in Toronto and I’m actually surprised to be here. When I booked these shows in Ontario a few months ago I had forgotten I’d asked for Toronto both trips and when I arrived in Ontario on Tuesday the 22nd I got an email detailing the week’s schedule for the Toronto Club, which confused me at first because I thought “Why would they be sending me the schedule when I’m not on it?” which was answered when I read it and found I was booked for the 23rd so that answered that question.

When I got onstage this time I wanted to try out new material or at least material I hadn’t done on stage here before, so I did the Birthday song and the Bondage song and…to be honest, it’s gotten a better reception before, so if this was the only time I’d ever performed it I’d think that it wasn’t that good, but having done them many times before this crowd was not an indication of how good or bad it was. I think part of the problem was when I introduced the bondage song I had said that it was a series of songs I was going to parody so I wondered if maybe that confused the audience as they had expected me to do more songs than just the one.

It wasn’t a complete failure though, as I listened back in my car on the way back to my Sister’s I could hear the laughs I recorded and missed as I was playing it live, so that’s another reason I record my sets, when I’m performing straight stand up I can pause and hear the laughs after a punchline, but doing musical comedy like this unless there’s tremendous applause or laughs I’m at the risk of not hearing any reaction and then that lowers my self esteem which I generally have very little of to begin with. Ah well.

Not a huge win, but not a huge loss either so I will mark this one as a mediocre show and move on.

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