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A Quick Set at Bearly’s

2nd show of the new year and I’m at Bearly’s, bringing my guitar and trying out a variation on an old bit, for the longest time I’ve done the impressions of TV and Movie characters being rock stars, and I always want to make things interesting and add more things to it, so first off I’ve already changed the song Christopher Walken sings from Crazy Little Thing Called Love to These Boots are Made for Walking but I realized that when I have the glasses on that I wear for Bubbles that would make a good time to add some impressions of other people that I do to the mix, so I’ve added 3 other impressions with the glasses on, starting with Melvin from Office Space singing Fire Water Burn, Professor Frink singing Are You Going to Be My Girl and after Bubbles I finish with Professor Farnsworth saying “Good News Everyone, there was a 4th impression” and that’s the end.

They went over well and I’m happy I can still do that bit and have fun doing the combination of impressions and music.

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