Second show of the night here in Niagara Falls on this Friday and there’s a lovely crowd in for the show, and we’re off to a good start, there’s a few people celebrating birthdays and I get to riff on the crowd and fill some time, which is fun! My only regret is that for some reason my recorder, which is sitting in my jacket’s right front pocket has somehow stopped recording and at one point I can hear my voice coming from my jacket and I realize it’s playing back, so I have to stop and then hit record again so I’ve lost a bit from my set. I can’t be sure what I did to cause it, it’s possible I pushed up against it or it hit the cable from the Lavaliere mic, but all in all I lost maybe 4 minutes total, so that’s not too bad, I’ve had times when I’ve lost the entire set because it’s gone right from the start.

The one thing that was fun was doing the Politically correct version of songs and that got a huge response which I was a little surprised at, but then I forget I’m not in Ontario very often so this is all new to them so it’s fresh and funny! Then before I brought up the Headliner, I brought out Bubbles to sing the “Legalize the Whores” song and that got a huge response as soon as I started talking like him…awesome.

Two more shows to go tomorrow then I’m driving back to Nova Scotia, has this trip been worth it? Yes…yes it has.

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