Hi….here I am back in Ontario, doing hosting for the open mic tonight in Mississauga, which was a last minute sort of deal for me. I was scheduled only to perform Friday and Saturday, but as I was at the airport to fly out to Toronto, there was a message asking me if I would fill in on Thursday for the open mic show. I agreed, and so I made my way out to the club for the first time ever. I had been to the club when it was on Dundas Street below a restaurant there, but never here at the Dixie Road location.

As always is the case, before the show I felt left out, everyone there has been doing stand up here for a long time and they all seem confident in themselves, so I thought “Crap, am I going to fail?” especially after what happened last Saturday in the Marriott.

My beginning seemed to do okay, but I thought it was tough going at first. As I was going to be introducing about 8 acts in a row before James Mullinger, I thought I should ditch the guitar again and not bring it up until I brought him up, so I switched to impressions…which did waaaaaay better than I expected. I’ve forgotten no one here has seen them before so to them it’s way new and fresher.

It was a great night, and some friends dropped by to see me perform, so that was a bonus!

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