Day Three, the last night to perform in Mississauga before I head home to Halifax tomorrow. The club is absolutely packed, there’s not much space left in the club, and I’m waiting to go on and feeling a little nervous…apparently so was the young woman that threw up at the back of the club. :O hahahahah

My set went very well, I was very surprised at how well it went and had a great night performing, the crowd were very fun and there was a nice feeling after it was all over and I packed up my gear. Over the last few days I’ve seen friends who I haven’t seen in years come out, and I got to make new ones from the group of acts who were performing this week. Not a bad way to spend three days in Ontario.

My sister, who was laughing through the show, was approached by someone after and was told her laugh was very contagious and that people enjoyed hearing it, and she felt kind of awkward about it. I never got to tell her that it runs in the family, because I’ve been told the very same thing as well. Hopefully she’ll read this and know.

Anyways, it was nice being back, I hope to be back more often, but damned if I want to fly out there that often. I hate flying and the flight home with all that turbulence didn’t make it any easier to love. My stomach was still in knots that evening.

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