Day two in Mississauga and I’m just middle performing, Shannon is hosting tonight so I have only to perform and that’s it. It should hopefully be easy.

And it was.

I performed my songs, got through them without taking up too much time, and got a good crowd response, two of the biggest laughs were at the crowd’s expense though. There was someone who yelled out “Liquor & Whores” during my Bubbles Impression (which turned out to be my friend David Occupinti) and I did the standard “knock the cock out of your mouth” comeback which got a good laugh.

Then there was this woman, who was having a delightful time all night, but she was laughing one of those laughs that’s very staccato, (ha ha ha ha ha ha…not hahahahahaha) So I pointed out that it was nice that the Penguin from the Batman series was here as a guest.

Otherwise, the show went well.

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