Doing a guest spot tonight, and it’s without my guitar because I wanted to try out some new items which don’t require one. I wanted to do the new 3 stages of being divorced set and worked out better what Gollem/Smeagol says on stage so I had a better idea what he says and did that instead. It worked much better but funny enough I got more compliments on how good the impression was instead of how funny it was. LOL

To finish off the night I wanted to do a joke I’ve been working on that was suggested I do by Shane Ogden who was at the show tonight, I learned how to play a game called “The Cube” many years ago and every so often I remember it and play with people who have never heard of it. It’s a mind game and you give me descriptions of what you see in your mind when I ask, and each object of the 5 you see reveal how you see yourself subconsciously. It’s a fun game and when I played it with Shane, Julie and Dale in Saint John we talked about how unique people’s answers are and I told them a story about someone who played the game and they laughed and Shane said “that’s a bit, you should be doing that onstage” and so I sat down and tried to figure out how to use it onstage and Shane was there to witness me doing it onstage for the first time. Nice.

I’ll be back at the club the following weekend so it’s nice to do a spot as a guest.

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