It’s Bainfest and it’s day 2. I get my schedule for the day and unlike last night I’m much earlier in the show than Friday, last night I was between the Penultimate act, Christine Campbell and the Final Act the Mellotones (who I might add were equally amazing and started their set with “Soul Finger” by the Bar Kays, one of my absolute favourite songs) so I had little time to relax and enjoy the night, but tonight I’m on around 8pm so I can relax after my set and enjoy the acts coming on.

One of the acts that came on before me, was Myles Goodwyn, the last original remaining member of the band April Wine, and it was such a joy getting to watch him perform some of his songs with Original Guitarist from the band Jim Henman and a great bass player Bruce Dixon as an acoustic set. When I was growing up in the 70’s, I heard popular and rock music on occasion, but in the house or the car it was usually what Dad wanted to hear and that was Country Music so I would hear a few songs and not know who the bands were, but I knew I liked the songs. It was later in my teens when I would get Greatest Hits albums that I found out bands like April Wine were a huge part of my childhood because I knew the songs but didn’t know it was them. So excuse me for being honest but there was two or three times that a song was played, and I got teary eyes while they were.

My time to play finally came, and again I was backstage while the band “The Lincoln’s” were playing a tribute to their recently deceased singer Frank MacKay, and again I’m backstage while a band is doing an absolute amazing performance. I got to go onstage and unlike last night I can see the audience and I can see who’s paying attention and who’s not, but I press ahead, and get some laughs and the “Birthday Songs” set goes over well, with the final Sex Pistols bit getting a huge response, so that was good. I went into the impressions song and half way through my guitar cut out, I wasn’t sure if it was the Direct Box or my guitar cable, but I’m pretty sure it went dead during another performer later on so I’m going to say it was their equipment until I plug the cable into my own amp and confirm it. So my last two songs weren’t heard with a guitar, but I still got the laughs so it may not have been as great a set, but it was definitely good enough to say it was a success.

No one came onto me this time, but I got to enjoy the rest of the night seeing some great bands, and for the first time I can say I’ve seen two great performers in Sam Moon and Matt Minglewood and overall I can say that the night was a huge success, and the weekend overall was a great night. So it’s all good.

I may even go back next year to watch the show just like Andrew Evans did. I might enjoy it even more knowing that I don’t have to do anything 😉

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