Some shows go really well, and some shows don’t. I shouldn’t say that this one was bad, because I did do well and got some laughs, but I guess I had built this show up in my mind to be an amazing show that I would be looking so forward to, and then it just didn’t meet those expectations. The Pacifico can be both a great place to do a show, and an awkward place to do a show, the layout is quite weird, and there was a camera that was taping us for a video link to monitors that shot us from the back. That was weird.

My set got a few laughs, but not many, and then as I was putting my guitar on for the last song, I noticed my guitar jack was dangling out of the body of the guitar, which meant I had to hold tight to my guitar while I played, which made things awkward, and by that time I just wanted to leave the stage.

But we learn by our mistakes and we grow when we try to achieve, so onwards and upwards to the next gig.

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