Doing a set at the Oasis Tuesday Night Comedy open mic, the first time I’ve been here since the mic has changed hands and been taken over by Matt Ryan and Dave Sears, and I show up and take the bullet, which means in Comedy Terms I’m going first. Unlike most comedy shows, the host will do a set of material before he brings the other acts up, but in this show Matt tends to do his material later on during the show, so when I’m brought up it’s a cold opening, which again in comedy terms means I’m going onstage with no one having prepped the audience by doing comedy before me. I’ve come tonight to try out my two new songs “Too Drunk to Fuck” and “Bondage Porn” which I have been working on and has so far gotten a good response.

Too Drunk to Fuck was based on the incident that happened to me at Bainfest, when a lovely lady wanted to sleep with me, but I wouldn’t do that with someone who is too drunk to know who I am or what is happening, despite how much she says she wanted to.

The Bondage Porn song was based on my own thoughts, seeing as I was thinking about how elected officials are subjected to people finding out their secrets and having them used against them, that I would be more comfortable in my life if I just owned who I am and came out with it in a funny song that admitted what I like and at the same time made fun of it. I get a huge laugh from that tonight and afterwards people tell me how funny that song is, and some of the comics have said that it’s such a mild kink to have that me having concerns about it is kind of tame. It’s funny how you can build yourself up to feel like some kind of monster only to be told you’re not even close.

Comedy can be therapy.

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