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First Show of 2020

First show of 2020 and it was a last-minute addition, as there is a storm outside and a few comics had to cancel from the show at Yuk’s for the Pro-Am night, so I was offered a spot and I accepted. I also was asked to bring one of the comics in with me, which I gladly did, one of the things about me that I take some pride in is the fact that I like to drive…Hell, I LOVE to drive and I know for some comics the thought of driving in bad weather is unnerving, and for me I have no problems driving in most weather. I think fog is the only weather I find myself a little nervous driving in, so snow falling? Huge downpours? Windy conditions? I’m good. But fog? Fog is evil. I can’t see what’s ahead of me and people can’t see me, and sometimes it’s not until the last minute you find out there’s a problem. At least in a snow storm you’d have to hope everyone is travelling at a respectable speed and being cautious, but not in fog.

I don’t know if I wrote a blog about it, but years ago I drove with three other comics to Moncton to perform at a competition for the Hubcap Comedy Festival, and the trip there was easy, and we got there in the amount of time it usually takes which is two and a half hours. On the way home however, we got stuck in a snowstorm and what took us two and a half hours to get there took double the time to get home, almost 5 hours of travelling in terrible weather to get home. It was so bad at one point that I remembered seeing a car’s break lights suddenly appear out of nowhere in front of me and I voiced my frustrations at someone not having their full lights on while driving in a storm like this, but when we reached the toll plaza for the Cobequid Pass in order to use the washroom that’s when I noted that the back of my car was so thick with snow from the storm that my taillights couldn’t be seen through the snow. It was a mess.

And it’s not the first time I have had to travel through a snowstorm or any other inclement weather in order to either go to or return from a comedy gig. It’s a part of the deal of being a comedian, that unless you’re some huge professional who is so high up on the pecking order that you’re given limos, tour busses, air fare etc. you’re going to have to drive long hours just for 20 minutes or an hour’s worth of stage time, and sometimes that show isn’t with accommodations so you’re going to have to drive right back home afterwards. So what I’m saying is; if you really want to be a comedian, you really have some dues to pay.

For my set there’s not much to talk about, I hadn’t anything new prepared, so I just went on stage and did some material I have done before and that was it. No guitar, no songs, just me. It was still a good show but nothing I would write about in detail about it, just a show 😊

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