My first time on stage since March when the Quarantine started, and I’m a little nervous and a little lost as I haven’t performed for over 4 months, and that’s a long time, so I have to wonder if I’m going to do well and if I’m ready for this, but like it or not I need to do it. I was in the middle of the lineup so my anxiety is only half what it should be, and I’m going to perform soon enough so I just think about my set and what I am and am not going to say. Halfway to my time I’ve changed three items by removing them because I’m not comfortable with them just yet, I don’t know if they suit me saying them or not, sometimes you can write a joke but realistically coming out of my mouth would sound weird or just inappropriate compared to someone else doing it, so I’ll back out of a joke if I think its wrong or just not right for me. We had an excellent class/seminar from two legends of Canadian Comedy in Halifax; Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson and Kenny said something that I concentrate on a lot when I’m writing material. “Don’t say anything on stage if you feel it’s only appropriate to say in front of certain people.” And by that he meant “Don’t do a joke if you’re only going to do it in front of people you’re not going to offend.” Don’t perform a joke about people with disabilities if you won’t do it in front of them, don’t perform a joke about sex if you won’t tell it in front of women, don’t do a joke about anything if there’s a possibility you know damn well you wouldn’t tell it in front of anyone you know it wrong to say it about if they’re in the audience. And I definitely do that, and editing my material before I go onstage is something I do quite often if I’ve written something new and realize I’m not comfortable saying it in front of people.

My time on stage comes up, and I take the mic and start my set, and my new material is going okay, I talk about dating and how I’m not doing so well, then I discuss some of my errors, making a new joke about how my errors are like algebra I pretty much wrote while waiting to go up and that got a laugh, then I do my bit with my Gilbert Gottfried impression and that gets a huge laugh so I’m back up and running again, then I do one impression that I’ve done before and that gets a laugh and a new impression I’ve not done before and that also gets a huge laugh so it’s doing well. My last new impression was a bit about Covid and how quarantine had me worried I’d become Gollum from Lord of the Rings and how my stand up would be different and I made myself laugh because it was funny to me.

When it was all over, I got some applause and sat back down. It felt good again and I’m going to keep writing and trying to get on more open mics. Onwards and upwards.

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