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From Funny to Serious in One Night

From last night’s show to tonight’s show, things are much better. It’s not a huge crowd but it’s a fun crowd and they are definitely into the show a lot more. I do a bit of crowd work, but then it’s off to the races and I do my set material. By the time I finished my third song it was time to start the show and off we went, with the audience being very nice to us and we had an awesome night.

Sadly, one of the things about my life is that I have a job I go to and nights like tonight I have my show to do, and then I have to go home and get changed and go to work right afterwards, so while the other comics can go sit somewhere and discuss their sets and the crowds and how much they liked or hated the show, I sit alone in a room and make sure bad things don’t happen to good people.

On one hand, it’s sort of ironic to be in front of a crowd of people and do jokes and be the centre of attention to one hour later being alone and sitting in a silent room with maybe a music player to keep you company. It can be therapeutic I guess, having gone from all that to a quiet little space, but it can also be kind of lonely.

Luckily for me the other deciding facto that makes me comfortable with this is knowing that all this quiet time gives me time to write new material. So that’s a bonus. 😉

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