The last night of the three at Yuk’s and there’s another large crowd and another reason to have a good time tonight. The best part about tonight is with a large enough crowd I get to have fun riffing and unlike the last two nights there’s material and people have given me reasons to talk to the crowd so I’m having a lot of fun doing that instead of my own jokes again.

One of the things I’ve had to do is watch my attitude on stage, I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve had something in me that makes me evil when I’m riffing on some folks, especially if they’re heckling. I read before, and I’ve been told before, I have to be nicer to the audience even if they’re disrupting the show because they’re still paying customers and you do better if you can kill them with kindness, so that’s what I have to do. Tonight I put that into practise, and It was definitely a much better feeling at the end of the night than before, so it pays to be good.

That’s it for the weekend, worked with a lot of great comics this weekend and looking forwards to the next time I’m onstage.

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