There are nights when you perform, and you feel like a million dollars afterwards. Then there are nights when you perform and you feel like a million papercuts dipped in lemon. Tonight was one of those shows. The crowd, well they probably would have rather had a 10 minute comedy show instead of a 90 minute show. They laughed at me for maybe three jokes, then stopped. Then Ian got up, same thing. Then Francois got up, same thing. The biggest cheer we got all night was when Francois said goodnight, and I wasn’t sure if it was because they enjoyed his set or that the night was done. I’m guessing from the way they acted it was because the show was over.

To add insult to injury for me, my guitar string broke during my set, so I switched to impressions and that didn’t do anything either, and I had to restring my guitar on the floor of the hall while the show went on. If I had been the only one skewered I probably would consider giving up comedy, but seeing as we all got lambasted, I’d say it was the crowd more than anything.

Not a good omen when it’s your last show before you go home to Ontario to perform though…

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