First night back in London Ontario’s Yuk Yuk’s since last year and the show is sold out! Turned out to be the facility has got two fundraisers on tonight, so the club has sold out all it’s tickets and the audience are here to laugh…or so I thought. But as the night goes on it appears that they aren’t all that keen and maybe they aren’t much of a laughing crowd.

For my part, I have noticed myself doing something that I realize is something I have to stop doing, I’ve seen other comics do it and I cringe when they do it so why am I doing it? I’m making suggestions to the audience, mainly the females and I’m saying things I’m hoping will get a laugh but I’m pretending to use pick up lines or saying things about seeing them after the show and I don’t think that makes sense anymore. Not just for the reasons of #metoo or being decent to women at a comedy show, but also because at my age that’s just stupid. For a lot of the younger comics that’s somewhat more appropriate as long as they’re not being too crass or abusive, but definitely in my case it’s just silly. I know no one’s going to take me seriously and if they are well that’s not comfortable having someone who looks like your Dad being too “interested” so that’s got to stop.

From now on I won’t bring it up unless it gets brought up to me. Which to be honest has happened once or twice so that’s appropriate because to me they’re making it part of the show, but if no one’s asked, then I don’t want to do that anymore.

Just so I’m clear to myself.

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