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I Know Why I’m Here…Why Are You?

Last show of the night in London, and the last show for the weekend and the crowd is smaller than the previous one, but that’s not going to stop us from putting on a great show for these people…the only thing that is putting us off is we waited for a large table of 15 people to show up for the show so we started a little late, and then that table was spending more time talking to each other than paying attention to the show.

Now, you can say that maybe we weren’t entertaining enough and they were bored, but that would mean they actually listened to the show before they came to that conclusion, which if that was the case would be a fair enough action, I know I’ve sat in a show once or twice where I didn’t find the comedian on stage as funny as I would have liked, but I spent my time giving them my attention anyways, because I’ve always thought they deserved respect. This group came in though and pretty much right at the start decided they were more interesting than we were, and as I sat in the audience watching them during the comic’s sets I saw them say something to each other at various intervals during the show that made them laugh out loud during the comic’s set.

When you’re a comedian and you’re standing on stage, there’s nothing worse than feeling like no one’s actually listening to you, that no one’s paying attention. For some of us that’s our self worth right there, we’re saying something you’re paying attention to so in a way we matter, but when you’re onstage and someone is laughing and you know it’s not due to you because you haven’t said anything worth laughing at for that moment and you know someone’s not paying attention. Then you either go one of two ways; you either try harder to get their attention and get them to laugh, or you get angry and start to berate them and then they’ll either pay attention or leave. I’ve never been one to get confrontational so I try to work harder, but then that can be a losing game to play because the harder you try the less they’re paying attention so you end the night feeling you failed big time, you can’t get them back and then they’re going to tell everyone else how much you sucked that night.

I think what I’m trying to say in a simple way is; if you come to a comedy show watch a comedy show and if you don’t feel like watching then either leave or don’t come in the first place.

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