Doing a show at the Oasis tonight, and in doing so I’m doing just impressions tonight. I have a few new ones I’m trying out and I’ve named a game I’ve been playing as “Roll Reversal” where I take two characters or actors and have them switch roles from movies or TV, I’d tried Christopher Walken vs Pee Wee Herman, then last set I tried adding Liam Neeson vs Hank Hill, and tonight I added Joe Pesci vs Gollem/Smeegol and it went over well. I also tried out a huge impression I wanted to do and worked on for a whole week where I did “Star Trek” as a Simpson’s tribute with Homer as Kirk etc. Not as many laughs and I got winded on that because I was trying too hard and going too fast I think. I’ll learn to slow down next time. Otherwise it was a good attempt for a first time.

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