Bearly’s tonight, and instead of my usual musical set, I decided to try just some straight up comedy routine stuff to see how it would work. Occasionally when you think of a joke you want to try it out and see if it would fly so you can keep it under your hat for when you need it. So that’s what tonight was about, as I tried out two jokes I had come up with, one was about the differences between America & Canada and how we got our identity back when our Nations were formed, which didn’t get a huge laugh, but I enjoyed thinking about how it worked or didn’t. The second joke was a variation of a joke I’ve heard before, but geared towards my talents doing voice work, and it was pretty well recieved, so it’s a keeper.


To end off my set, I did my vocal stunts with various impressions in various states. I’ll have to write more stuff for that one, it goes over well. 🙂

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