Geeks Vs Nerds…it’s been a while, but I missed ya! Its one thing for me to bring out characters during a debate, but this time I stayed in Character the entire time, and that was fun! I was on Team Trailer Park Boys vs Jay & Silent Bob, who was better suited for Suburban Survival. Although we got in some huge laughs on our side, you can’t beat the Kevin Smith Side even if he’s not really there, as Kevin is a huge icon to the Comic-Con crowd and despite the TPB’s being hometown favourites, there was a huge tip of the hat to the Jay & Silent Bob side for their win.


My favourite dig was during the debate I made a comment about we Trailer Park Boys lived on our own and I was pretty sure that Jay and Silent Bob still lived with their Moms, and Jay (Sean Maggio) responded about not trash talking his Mom that she was good, and I responded “Yeah…that’s what I’ve heard about her.” etc. It got a huge laugh and Sean goaded me on and we argued back and forth, it was hilarious.


It was filmed so I hope there’s a copy to see later, it would be amazing!

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