Back at the Grad House, and my set was almost totally made up from new material, and I tried to do my best, but unlike previous nights, it wasn’t one of my best shows here, which is a shame. Part of that I blame on doing a set of totally new material without some old stuff to back it up. Part of that I blame on doing a set after whiskey Trivia which was also after a group of about 7 students came into the bar and went to the back of the room to have a loud conversation that drowned out the room so I had to shout to be heard, which doesn’t help me much. I don’t do good when I shout.


The one bit that I think went over fairly good was the joke about Leonard Cohen singing happy songs, followed by Gordon Lightfoot singing Misheard Lyrics, but I’ve learned that two songs each for each singer seems enough, compared to the three snippets I did each.


You Live and You Learn. On to the next show….which is not until the 7th of February at this rate 🙁

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