Doing a show headlining at the Prospect Rec Centre and it ‘s a short hop, skip and jump to get there, so it’s a short journey and I’m full of anticipation. We arrived not sure how many people would be there, we expected about 80 at most…but were shocked to arrive and find out we’d be performing for a room of 250…woah! It was a really fun night, the audience were amazing paying attention and conversations were kept to a minimum and we were hitting home runs with our material all night. There were some free food thrown in for good measure, which was greatly appreciated, and at the end of the night, as the show was a fundraiser in aid of the Girl Guides, we were each given a box of Mint Chocolate Girl Guide Cookies, which went over very well!


Sadly, we were invited to attend a party afterwards, but we just didn’t have the time as one of us had to work, and other had to prepare to work the next day, so no parties…this time 🙂

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