It’s the Pro-Am night at Yuk’s and I am the host for the show so that means that I do a bit of comedy at the start but then I spend the rest of the night just brining up the next act to the stage because with so many comics I really don’t have time to do much in between the acts. I will throw the occasional bit in but mostly I just say the name of the next act and maybe a little bit about them, which is what I do and pray that I get the name right. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I screw up. It’s bound to happen though; you can’t do everything right.

I appreciate times like this though, because it gives me an extra day to prepare for the shows up ahead, especially as I’m hosting those as well, so it’s like a practise run before the shows to come, and this weekend I will be performing all weekend as the host so it’s best to be prepared.

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