Last show of the weekend and last show for me in Ontario until next month, so I want it to be a good one, and it was. Lots of stuff to riff upon, there were birthdays, a honeymooning couple and a one year anniversary so I had a good time riffing and making friends and or enemies depending on how you look at it. I was very proud of the back and forth we had onstage and after the last show I had to say something again that I said during the previous show, that when I was onstage they could shout whatever back and forth with me, but when the other acts were onstage to keep the interaction to a “speak when asked to” level and to give the other acts the respect they deserved. That’s one thing I’ve learned as an Emcee, that it’s okay for the audience to let off some steam and get their shouting done before the other acts, but to have some respect and give the other acts their due. Sometimes they still yell shit out, but for the most part they take that to heart and will only be yelling during my sets, but little do they know when I bring out Bubbles I manage to say whatever I want and get away with it, and I almost always do.

Well, it was a fun weekend, and I hope to come back to Niagara Falls and do it all again!

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