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Learn…always Learn

Second show at the Halifax Yuk Yuk’s and I’m glad that tonight has worked out better than the night before and the night before that! I’m hoping that tomorrow night will continue the trend and be the best of all four nights. We had an awesome crowd and one of the things I think worked out really well was standing at the front door and watching some of the people coming into the show, because I learned that there was a group coming into the show from a retirement home in Dartmouth and they were here for their staff night off. So when I was onstage doing my first song about songs getting older I finished and said “That one was for you guys!” and named the retirement home (which I won’t here because I’m not sure if they want me to 😉 ) and they thought that was the best ever and cheered!

That’s the kind of stuff I should be doing more of, learning about the people I’m doing the show for and try to include them in the show, especially as not everyone likes to talk openly to a host about that, because they’re afraid I’m going to pick on them or something. This way I’m aware they’re there and if there’s some way I can bring them into the show and not be intrusive that’s great!

Never stop learning.

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